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Bore Yourself to Beers

And when will the kill be too much meat for me to hide...

14 March 1978
Temple Terrace, FL, People's Republik of Amerika
Steve here...

My favorite thing to do is to watch my beloved Tampa Bay Lightning play hockey, and to play hockey myself. I also talk political from time to time, and my views aren't always popular. I am a registered Libertarian and have been referred to as a "South Park Republican" (and an evil capitalist) Musically, I generally listen to metal and hardcore with other stuff thrown in when I'm in the mood. I'm also an avid talk radio listener.

If I friend you, you need not be offended or afraid that I'm a stalker. I like to friend people with whom I share similar interests. If you decide to friend me, that's fine. You can reply on my Friends post, but you don't have to. I check my user info periodically for new additions.

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