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Adam's Mark Footage - GREAT Stuff! [Jul. 13th, 2008|09:18 am]
[music |Meat Puppets - "Plateau"]

For those of you who've been keeping up with my journal a long time, you may remember me talking about the implosion of the Adam's Mark Hotel on Clearwater Beach.  I didn't make it to the beach itself to watch it.  But I found this video on YouTube taken by a guy who lives in the condo building right next door to the doomed hotel.  Literally 150 feet away from the demolition site.  He stayed on his patio to watch the whole thing, dodging police spotlights and all. 

If you're an implosion fan, this is a must watch.  At the end of the countdown, make sure your volume is turned down some.


Oh, I promise to update soon.